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Greetings lay apostles,

Event update on our Film Project for Mist of Mercy!

Shooting continues and some of the scenes from the book “Mist of Mercy” by Anne, a lay apostle has been shot these last few weeks…
below are some early pics from the set. Stay tuned and keep this project in your prayers as we hope to bring the “Mist of Mercy” experience to a DVD player near you!

In Mist of Mercy, Anne, a lay apostle recalls several experiences during her visit to Purgatory with Jesus.


Film crew work together to recreate scenes from the Mist of Mercy and interviews with Anne, a lay apostle.


Filming is taking place in Ireland with help from many talented producers, actors and film makers, as well as some of our own staff and friends.



We hope to keep you up to date with our latest projects and look foward to the release of the Mist of Mercy Film/Documentary


(Original Article from March 19th below)

How do you make a documentary film about a woman who has visited Purgatory and Heaven? This has been the big question for us over at direction for our times Ireland!

Through the help of a generous lay apostle, we have been able to start producing a short documentary about Anne’s visits to Heaven and Purgatory. The short films include experiences as recorded in the Mist of Mercy and Climbing the Mountain. Asking one staff member what he thought, replied: “It’s a great way to utilize the media available today and share the messages from Heaven.” What exactly goes on during “behind the scenes” filming? Hiring a producer who is interested in the project was the first thing. A director/producer from Dublin has been hired and has already brought his small team down with him to help during the first few days of shooting. Prior to him coming down, much prep work was completed as staff members from DFOT helped gather the necessary equipment and set up. Lights, cameras, tripods, sound equipment, digital storage media, green screens, computers, backdrops and dozens of other pieces of equipment have all been brought in to our office to help us re-create the compelling narrative from Anne, a lay apostle. Our director has been reading the Mist of Mercy and working closely with Anne and Fr. Darragh to gain an accurate understanding of what will hopefully be a great production! Unofficially, we hope to see it released toward the end of 2013. For more information or to help be involved in our next short project films, please get in touch with one of our offices in Ireland or the USA.


Above: Anne, a lay apostle is interviewed for the upcoming documentary on the Mist of Mercy

Below: Fr. Darragh, Staff and Film Crew set up shots in the Hague Building, future filming taking place around Ireland; Fr. Darragh standing outside the Hague building as he prepares interview of his role and introduction to the mission and apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King;