Volume Eight, letter from Anne


Dear lay apostles,

Greetings of love and peace and also great gratitude.

First, thanks to anyone who is being moved to help defray the costs of printing Volume 8. As usual, we could not do any of this without you. We would be delayed. With your help, we are moving along nicely.

Lay apostles, as a group, I feel we have been well and truly blessed to participate in bringing the Volumes into the Church. We at DFOT are profoundly grateful to anyone who has shared this privilege, in whatever way, even briefly. Together we have done something important and while our work remains unfinished, we should rejoice that all ten volumes will now be available. This feels like a big thing and a very good thing.

Remember that this volume was recorded in 2004. Below we have included an entry.

You will see that these recorded experiences make Volume 8 different from the other Volumes. Volume 8 is called Resting in the Heart of the Saviour because in Volume 8 the Lord allows us a glimpse into how He views and experiences certain realities in our time. This is helpful for us. It should spark in us peace and conviction about our presence in the Church and in the world. It should also spark in us peace and conviction about our role in our families and parishes. The well prepared lay apostle views all with a keen interest in finding the Lord’s will in each day.

What became very clear to me during these experiences is that the Lord remains with us in each day, in each decision and in each event in our lives, happy or sad. He hopes that we will make good choices and He needs us to make good choices based on what He sees as the big picture. This means we have to be interested in Him each day. Lay apostles, let us keep our commitment to daily silence because only in silence will we be able to remain connected in the Returning King and His will.

With great love,

Anne, a lay apostle

September 16, 2004

Today I saw a young soldier. He was hiding in a small place, obviously frightened. There was a battle going on around him and he was resting, panting and sweating. He was not anxious or panicked, but you could tell that he was in a difficult situation and he well knew it. He began to organize himself to make a move.


He is to had over his life today. You see that he is frightened. In his humanity he fears physical pain and suffering. This is natural. This young man is aware in his soul that he will join Me on this day. He knows Me well, you see, and I have been whispering to him for some time. He is prepared. While he is fearful in his humanity, his soul is at peace.

This boy has walked with Me throughout his life. He did not avoid sin each day, but he knew sin for sin and always made peace with Me. He has been given spiritual formation by parents who respected Me and understood their duty to pass on their faith to their son. As a result, their son faces his death with quiet acceptance. He will shortly know joy. He is not distressed, as you see, despite his knowledge that his time on earth is over. He is comfortable that he has done his best. Anne, I tell you, this young man is beautiful to Me. In your world he would not be known as exceptional in any way. In the heavenly Kingdom he will be a saint. His parents will grieve his loss, but I will console them and they, in turn, will know peace and joy in their souls. They have done well by their son and he gives them great glory. Was his life too short? How could it be, when I, Myself, ordained the duration of his time on earth? He served Me in the time he was allotted and all is right with him. I tell you with the greatest seriousness that this young man is far more blessed than some of his peers who will survive this day. His soul is safe.