Dear lay apostles, 

Greetings in Jesus Christ the Returning King!


It was a great joy for us at Direction for Our Times to be given permission for the release of Volume 5 from Bishop O’Reilly. Now, with that same permission, we move to publish Volume 8.


We are preparing to print but we need help to do so. As you know, we rely partially on book sales and partially on donations to cover our expenses and to continue distributing the works. We are deeply grateful for all of the help in the past and many, many people have been blessed because of your help. When many apostles pull together, the load is lighter.

The actual cost of printing Volume 8 will be $12,750. Again, despite financial challenges, we are keeping the book prices intentionally low so that we can get them into the hands of many. We feel this is right because of the many testimonies that come to us from people who tell us that their lives and spirituality have been transformed.


And, whilst we are organising to print Volume 8, we are also preparing to reprint large quantities of Volume 2. We hope to make these available at a further reduced cost to enable prayer groups and individuals to make use of bulk quantities for free distribution.


In the words of one of our funders, a lay apostle himself, “I received the book for free from a friend. That’s what brought me into the mission.”


Truly, most people do not pay for their first Volume. They are given it as a gift. This Volume Two bulk activity, which we will tell you about soon, will allow prayer groups and other lay apostles to have access to the Volumes and give them away at little or no cost to themselves. A person receiving a Volume is then invited to become a part of the Mission.


“My words must be spread and when these words reach a soul who is housing the Spirit that soul will light up in a spectacular manner. Truly, the light of each of these souls will reach heaven, where the triumphant ones will rejoice to see another soldier returning to the cause.”

-Jesus Volume 2, August 2003


Many lay apostles actively involved in their monthly prayer group have indeed answered the initial call they received from Jesus. And Jesus tells us that He is relying on each of us to spread His words. We want to see the “greatest things happen in the shortest time” which is why we are planning this initial run of 10,000 copies of Volume 2 to reach more of God’s children.


The facts:

Initial printing cost, as stated, for Volume 8 will be $12, 750.

Initial large quantity reprint of Volume 2 for our bulk project will be $8,500.

Total funds required for printing both are $21,250


Can you help?

May God continue to bless us and protect us all in His important work.


In Christ,

Father Darragh Connolly

Chaplain DFOT