Dear Lay Apostles,

May God’s blessings surround you and console you as you make your way through these summer months. Pray for us here as we provide formation to young people in our diocesan summer camps.

All is going well and we thank the Lord for allowing us the privilege of representing His name to teens. The participants are so eager to learn about their minds and how their thinking is affected, both negatively through technology and positively through contemplative prayer. We must all strive to become thoughtful men and women of God in the world and commit ourselves to a daily contemplative prayer practice. Please consider a daily contemplative prayer practice if you do not already have one. It is the remedy for the times.

I would like to thank all who registered their prayer groups. My friends, if you have not registered your prayer group please do so. We would like to be able to contact prayer groups directly with information, support and also news that affects us all as an apostolate.

In close, we need your prayers and support for the young people we are serving. We begin these programs in our diocese so that you can then bring them to yours! The young people are the future of our Church. They deserve our time and energy. When asked what teens needed most from their parish, one teen responded, ‘attention’. We agree. They need attention, now more than ever. Keep us in your prayers.

With love and daily prayers for you,

Anne, a lay apostle


Please check out our summer camp video!

Register for The Summer Camp 2017 from dfotmedia on Vimeo.



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