Dear lay apostles and friends,

Father Darragh and I are back in Ireland after a long trip to the United States. We immensely enjoyed meeting with so many of you and seeing the good work that you are doing to spread God’s love through the Apostolate of the Returning King. We thank everyone who hosted us so lovingly, kindly, and thoughtfully. Plans are afoot for a few dates in January. We will keep you posted! Call Pam at 630 479 8839 if you would like to host.

Since arriving home a few weeks ago, we have been busy. We held an information night on our new initiative called Mothers of the Church. This is for all women. In the diocese of Kilmore, we have 60 women registered and participating. Many more are participating online with groups assembling and beginning in many places including their homes. We have held our first two evenings of formation and the teachings have been uploaded to a site. If anyone would like to participate in this program, they can contact rachel@dfot.ie. Rachel will be the point person on the Mothers of the Church database and online community. Praise God. We are delighted to have begun!

Below is a picture of Father John Murphy at our staff celebration in our new building! Chilli and a bonfire contributed to the joy of working together at the Soul Sanctuary. Additionally, you will note that the First Thursday talks have resumed now that we are back. Above is a picture of Father Darragh on the roof of our happy little building. Despite dire predictions and threats of high-priced needs, we have achieved internet coverage for our office at a mercifully low cost. This feels truly miraculous and shows that if we need something for God’s work, it will come.

My friends, we have a quick, but exquisite need. We need housing for Father Darragh. He has been our full time Chaplain for 11 years and we need to have him housed by Christmas. We have found a solution which we need $23K to complete, in addition to what has been donated already. This puts him on our Soul Sanctuary grounds and insures that we can keep him with us full time. Truly, we need your assistance with this and if someone can help us to solve this problem, by all means, make contact. It will be a Christmas miracle to me if we have both the building for the office and a home for Father Darragh on our home grounds. The reason I am the one asking for help on this is because I truly believe that we must have this done now. 

God bless you all. We love to be with lay apostles on the ground because it reminds us that the fruits of this Rescue Mission are ongoing and sublime. Truly, our cup runneth over when we hear of the quiet blessings, conversions, and graces.

More soon. I send you my love and daily prayers.

Anne, a lay apostle