What has this apostolate done for you and your family? What would you do so that another family could have those same blessings? Could you possibly donate one dollar a day or 30 dollars per month? We absolutely need your help.

Our end of year goal is 1000 lay apostles

Our long term goal is 5000 lay apostles

We now have several lay apostles!

This is not just a fundraiser.  We are asking because we are in need to cover printing costs necessary to have all the books we need for the Christmas demand including our latest release of “Transforming Grace”.

We are hoping you will join with us so that we can continue distributing books to prisoners and supplying churches. The fruits of the work are beautiful and include healings and conversions.  Lives are literally being changed!

As you know, Direction for Our Times is a small nonprofit group that supports a worldwide apostolate spread across numerous cultures and languages. With nine people on staff, in two countries, and the help of volunteers everywhere, we make available the beautiful messages of heaven and spread them through various ministries including prison ministry, teen and young adult faith formation, adult faith formation, a newsletter, a website and social media, and more.

The writings bring people closer to God. These are people who struggle with addictions, depression, divorce, stress, suicide, tragedy and death. At one time in our life or other, the writings may have saved or protected each one of us or our family members. Many, many people are being blessed through the apostolate and returning to the safety of the Church.

To succeed in our mission, we know it is crucial to keep the price of the books low and make many of the writings available for free. Given this, we rely on donations from lay apostles to meet our printing costs, currently $30,000. For DFOT, a 30,000 dollar printing bill is not unusual. But it has to be paid.

We thank you for all your support in spreading heaven’s Rescue Mission and for all your apostolic endeavors.

You are a part of this heavenly team. We can do this. But we have to do it together.

If you feel you can possibly spare one dollar each day then we ask you to do so now.  Help Direction for Our Times continue its work in bringing these graces to others.  Please click on this link to sign up for our dollar a day campaign. Remember, God has blessed you through the writings.  Help us to make sure others are also blessed.  Please take a minute to help spread the Rescue Mission.

Thank you,

From all the team here at Direction for Our Times

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(the letters from Fr. Darragh and Anne are available at above link)


“At this time, I am asking each one of you to bring the Good news to souls. This is your heavenly instruction. I ask that you do this through your duty, first of all, because it is in living the holy and sacred life, following Me in your daily duty, that I can bring you to holiness. This example of faithfulness will say far more to others than if you neglected your duty. So that is your first priority and you may rest in the fact that this comes from Me. The second priority, then, must be the spread of these words. I want My words to move through your world steadily. I do not want a frantic haste, but neither do I want unnecessary delay. If you ask Me to show you your role in this mission, I will show you.”


Volume Ten: Jesus Speaks to His Apostles, October 7, 2004